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Casa Natale di Santa Rita

“Il Lazzaretto”

At the time of the Saint, the Lazzaretto was placed under the protection of Our Lady of the Conception. The strangers who passed through the village found hospitality there. According to an ancient tradition, Rita often went there to assist the sick. The name “Lazzaretto” suggests the use of the health facility during the plague epidemics that scourged Umbria.
Of the three environments that originally composed this complex, today there are two. The frescoes of the place date back to the sixteenth century.

MAGRELLI Hotels & Restaurants

Originally there is a small restaurant in the city center. In 1968 the Monte Meraviglia Hotel was born, which after several renovations today is suitable for hosting large groups with its 130 rooms. In 2000, with the generational change, La Reggia Hotel was built, an ideal wellness center. But the passion for tourism, entrepreneurship and innovation that characterizes the Magrelli Family does not stop, rather it strengthens with the third generation that has brought many innovations such as the management and restructuring of the complex named Santo Antonio “La Corte “And the relative sports area” Magrelli Active Sporting Center “. Each Hotel has its own Restaurant. The activities and the variety of collateral services offered by the Magrelli Group in the hotels and in the Valnerina area, make it an undisputed protagonist of the area of ​​Cascia and Norcia, a point of reference for tour operators.


Initially in the municipal territory of Cascia stood Cursula, a Roman center destroyed by the barbarians. In the Middle Ages it suffered looting by Byzantines and Lombards. Like many Umbrian cities, the peak of its splendor was in the Middle Ages. But its history and culture are inseparably linked to the history and tradition of Santa Rita, born in a fraction of Cascia towards the end of 1300. This makes Cascia one of the most visited spiritual centers and loved by pilgrims and devotees, who in every season they are attracted by the Basilica and the celebrations of the Saint.

Cascia is located in Valerina located about 20 km from Norcia.