Chiesa di Santa Rita
Chiesa di Santa Rita
Chiesa di Santa Rita

The Sanctuary of Santa Rita da Cascia

From all the hotels of the Magrelli Group, even if close to the sanctuary of Santa Rita da Cascia, a shuttle service is offered to reach the basilica that can be booked through the reception.

The life of Saint Rita is marked by her decision to forgive her husband’s murderers and live in a convent for the rest of her life. The Saint is remembered for the love and the desire for peace that distinguish her, despite the tragic events of her life. The history and the work of the Saint inspire every year many religious pilgrimages, which make Cascia one of the key places of spirituality in Umbria.


Initially in the municipal territory of Cascia stood Cursula, a Roman center destroyed by the barbarians. In the Middle Ages it suffered looting by Byzantines and Lombards. Like many Umbrian cities, the peak of its splendor was in the Middle Ages. But its history and culture are inseparably linked to the history and tradition of Santa Rita, born in a fraction of Cascia towards the end of 1300. This makes Cascia one of the most visited spiritual centers and loved by pilgrims and devotees, who in every season they are attracted by the Basilica and the celebrations of the Saint.

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We are located in Cascia about 20 km from Norcia, birthplace of S.Benedetto da Norcia.

Opening hours of the Basilica of Santa Rita da Cascia

Winter time from October to March

Every day, from 6.45 am to 6.00 pm

Summer time from April to October

Every day, from 6.30 to 20.00

Hours of the Holy Masses in Santa Rita da Cascia:

Weekdays: 7.30 | 10.30 | 12.00 | 16:30

Holidays: 7.30 | 9.30 | 10.30 | 12.00 | 16:30

S. Messe 7.30 | 10.30 | 12.00 | 16:30
5.15 pm: First Christmas Vespers
11.30 pm: Solemn Christmas Vigil
to follow, the MASSA SOLENNE at MIDNIGHT

S. Masses 7.30 am | 9.30 | 10.30 | 12:00
5.15 pm: Second Christmas Vespers

S. Masses 7.30 am | 9.30 | 10.30 | 12.00 | 16:30