Chiesa di San Montano Roccaporena
Chiesa di San Montano Roccaporena
Chiesa di San Montano Roccaporena

The church dedicated to S. Montano dates back to the twelfth century and played an important role in the thirty-six years spent by Rita in Roccaporena. Here she received her first religious instruction, here she went to attend Mass and other celebrations, here she married Paolo di Ferdinando. According to tradition, Montano came to Porena from distant Lycia (Asia Minor) to preach the Gospel. However, a manuscript chronicle, preserved in the Municipal Library of Perugia, informs that he was part of the group of Syrian hermit monks who settled in the Castoriana Valley, at the time of the Saints Spes and Eutizio.
S. Montano died in Roccaporena with a reputation for holiness; the people proclaimed him his protector and named him the parish church. The current construction is the result of various renovations: the oldest church was a single nave, corresponding to today’s left; in the fourteenth century the right aisle was added.

Cascia is located in Valnerina just 20 km from Norcia.

Magrelli Hotels & Restaurant

Originally, there is a small restaurant in the city center. From this tradition of hospitality, in 1968 was born the Monte Meraviglia Hotel, which after several renovations and modernizations is now suitable to accommodate large groups with its 135 rooms. In 2000, with the generational change, La Reggia Hotel was built, an ideal wellness center not only for those seeking relaxation but also for sports lovers. But the passion for tourism, entrepreneurship and innovation that characterizes the Magrelli Family does not stop, rather it strengthens with the third generation that has brought many innovations such as the management and restructuring of the complex named Santo Antonio “La Corte “And the related sports area” Magrelli Active Sporting Center “. All three hotels have their own restaurant within the structure.


The activities and the variety of collateral services offered by the Magrelli Group in the hotels and in the Valnerina area, make it an undisputed protagonist of the area of ​​Cascia and Norcia, a point of reference for tour operators.