Castelluccio Valnerina Cascia
Castelluccio Valnerina Cascia
Castelluccio Valnerina Cascia

Trip to Castelluccio di Norcia

Are you curious to attend one of the most exciting blooms in Italy? The plain of Castelluccio di Norcia since late spring reserves a spectacular experience for everyone, simple curious, naturalists, photographers and painters. A thousand colors and fragrances blend in a triumph of the senses, while walking among the wild flowers and those of local lentil, an excellent food that makes this area famous everywhere. We organize for our Hotel guests this unforgettable trip: contact us to book it.

MAGRELLI Hotels & Restaurants

Originally, there is a small restaurant in the city center. From this tradition of hospitality, in 1968 was born the Monte Meraviglia Hotel, which after several renovations today is suitable to accommodate large groups with its 130 rooms. In 2000, La Reggia Hotel was built, ideal for those in search of relaxation. The third generation brought many innovations such as the management and renovation of the Santo Antonio Complex renamed “La Corte” and the related sports area “Magrelli Active Sporting Center”. Each Hotel has its own restaurant inside. The activities and the variety of collateral services offered by  Magrelli Group in the hotels and in the Valnerina area, make it an undisputed protagonist of the area of ​​Cascia and a point of reference for tour operators.


Initially in the municipal territory of Cascia stood Cursula, a Roman center destroyed by the barbarians. In the Middle Ages it suffered looting by Byzantines and Lombards. Like many Umbrian cities, the peak of its splendor was in the Middle Ages. But its history and culture are inseparably linked to the history and tradition of Santa Rita, born in a fraction of Cascia towards the end of 1300. This makes Cascia one of the most visited spiritual centers and loved by pilgrims and devotees, who in every season they are attracted by the Basilica and the celebrations of the Saint.

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Castelluccio Valnerina Cascia


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