La reggia Restaurant

A sign of continuity in innovation and renewal, while maintaining solid roots in the Italian gastronomic tradition. A constantly evolving local cuisine, with new techniques at the service of tradition. An art that in the imagination and in the passion of those who interpret it finds the basis to continue to take care of the happiness of its guests.

The restaurant is located inside the La Reggia Hotel in Cascia (about 20 km from Norcia).

The Kitchen

The restaurant’s cuisine underlines the importance of the national, Umbrian and Cascia and Norcia traditions. The restaurant “La Reggia” located inside the Hotel La Reggia is particularly attentive to the quality of the raw materials.Each product is purchased from selected suppliers.Our cooks, provide their knowledge of raw material. The practice in preparation acquired over the years and the strictness in the management of food.A available to customers a menu a la carte that is updated daily and a wine list with the best vintages.It is also possible to have menus created for occasions and needs of customers.


A series of food and wine events dedicated to quality products, this is our project. Anima Terrae, the purity of the quality raw material that gives you pleasure through healthy food. Prepared with respect for the value of the product and the preparation process. Maintaining the organoleptic characteristics of the raw materials, enhancing them, giving wellbeing to your body. Food Culture, a true passion for quality raw materials, pure and healthy flavors. Renewed in the technique but are handed down from ancient recipes of a healthy territory .Still made of “poor” and authentic products that give pleasure. Among our intentions there is also the desire to make others participate in the ways of making dishes with cooking classes that will allow you to get in touch with a new world, that of the products that come from Anima Terrae, but this is a another story …

Ristorante La Reggia
Ristorante La Reggia
Ristorante La Reggia